Saturday, November 13, 2010


I am updating my blog to add who I follow.

There are so many My Yahoo is now full!! 

It is going to be beautiful in NY today and I am expecting friends, from NJ, this afternoon....perfect!  But I will have to leave the leaves for another day...I am not worried. We (my sons and I) run the mower over them and bag most of them for winter footing for the chickens and the garden as mulch in the spring, any waste from the garden goes to the aim is to toss a LITTLE as I can into the landfills...

I am thinking of starting a worm bin.

I had compost for many many years, but living where we are now causes lots of Rats to come out of the woods!  So maybe a worm bin is in order...(of course the chickens eat a lot of waste too.

Some time I have to write about chickens...They are better then goldfish!  Great stress relievers....AND they give back too!

See ya around the corner....enjoy your day..

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