Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Planning Season

We are into fall and the colorful leaves are gently raining down.  It seems like a never ending stream..they just keep coming..yet there are many shrubs and small trees still holding leaves and color. 

It seemed that LI was going to have a dull brown fall but it suddenly came alive...(it has been better on some past years but it turned out pretty nice.)  We have many Euonymous Burning Bushes all around the property some large and some small.  Depending on where in the yard the are, some are brilliant red, (hense the name) and some are a golden red orange and some even a pale apricot...very nice...

Well, I have found another back/hip saving hose...The electric one is not long enough for where I need it to go.. It is very expensive, and only 50'.  I need it to go at least 85'.   So even if I bought a shorter electric one, which is still expensive, it wouldn't reach (they come 25' and 50') the fence line.

I found one that was way less in cost, from another company.  It is not heated but it keeps the hose from freezing to just below 32 degrees.  But, oh wait, it is not recommended for drinking.....oh, they said animals can drink from it, but not humans, and I don't give my animals anything to eat or drink that I woudn't!..

So the search went on.  Then I remembered Sears has drinking quality hoses. So I did a search and  I found one that is a coil hose so it retracts and makes it easy to store...well now,  I can do that!  It isn't electric or a insulated hose but I can detach it from the end of the electric hose after every use (no problem) and keep it on the patio until it is needed again.  That should work just fine..so now I will have a hose that heats the water, and thaws any water left in it, and another one to extend to the fence rail, that will not get in the way because it coils so nicely..the cost is about 1/3 the cost, of having to buy another electric hose (which wouldn't have worked because ..well, where am I going to plug it in mid way out into the yard!!  I can't have 2 extension cords running out of the garage!!) ....I am so happy..

So the hardest part of animals in the winter is the water issue....now that is all planned out..I put some of the potted plants in the trenches yesterday morning, and have to dig one more row and check the roots of my potted Japanese maple, and that will be done, snug and ready for winter...the next part of planning is what to plant next year..THAT'S the fun part!  And indoor winter projects...nice...

See you around the corner...thanks for stopping by.

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