Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friends of the Family....

There is just one left we need a picture of...

This is Spice

And this is his sister Sugar

Sugar and Spice were adopted.  A friend had taken care of the sick mother feral cat for the local pound.  She was nursed through her illness, and then had her litter.  Our friend grew so attached to them she asked the pound if she could find homes for them (with people she knew) and they said yes.   We went to pick up a "Tiger striped cat",  that I had wanted.  While we were there visiting, this little gray kitty with white eyeliner on, came out from under a couch and right over to us...we had to take them both...
We are so glad we did...they are about 8 or 9 years old now.

And this is our newest friend (my oldest brought him home from work).  His boss had rescued him, from an alley by the garage they work in, and kept him in the company garage until some of the mechanics were worried he might end up ground into an engine.  So we took him in.  

This is Alley.. 
Even though he is eating the same food as the others he is really fat..that worries me...he will be 2 in the early summer. 

Woody is the only one I don't have a picture of..well, we do have some of him when he was young, but not on the computer.  So once the camera has more room, we will take a picture of him.  Woody was also "rescued". 

A friend of ours was moving and we were helping her pack.  A young friend of ours was in the back (actually he was buying the house) and snatched up this tiny gray kitten playing on the wood pile in back, and gave it to her.  Right before our friend moved (to SC) I opened the front door one morning and there was a box on the front stoop, and a note on it...saying, "Hello!  My Name is Woody.  My new mommy can't take me with her, can you keep me?" We couldn't refuse...

Our vet said he was probably only about a month old, and maybe it was even the first time his momma let them out or the "nest".  I had to feed him with a tiny bottle.  And a good thing he was snatched.  He would never have survived being feral.  He needed eye surgery before he was a year old, because this inner eye lid was growing closed.  And he also suffered, just after he was about one year, from severe bladder troubles.  The vet said that was also unusual, because he was so young.   He has strange fur that mats and tangles...(he also has thyroid trouble) I can not imagine what would have happened to him.  He is a character.  We always called him Woody but we renamed him "Woodrow Kramer"..because he would run into a room, and then slide into a turn to go into the next Kramer on Seinfeld...
He also likes to "help" make the bed.  He runs into the room, as soon as he knows you are changing sheets, and slides under the sheet as it settles on the bed.  He's the only one we have (the only one we have ever had) that does that.

Woody is 16 1/2 years old..and still eats better then the younger ones, and still runs into a room..he sleeps on the back of the couch, and has already dozed off like an old man and fallen off...he looks around like, "Who did that!?" His eye isn't always as clear as it has been over the years, now, and sometimes gets infections in it.  He's a good boy...

I'll get a picture on as soon as I can.

See you later,


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