Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jets, Almond Joy Tarts, and Snow...

The Jets battle Peyton tonight...

I am technically a Giants fan, but since they aren't around I guess I still root for the "home team".  BUT I DO Love the Manning brothers, they are so smart..and really understand the game (now if the rest of the teams can just follow them..although the Colts are looking good..) I am just going to watch what I hope is a good game...

My son's laugh at me, because I cook all sorts of things on about 1 1/2' sq room of counter (NO storage!) I am constantly moving things from one place to another..."ahh..some day"... I will post separate pictures of the Almond Joy Tart after it sets up.  This one can be done in one day but technically it is better to do over 2 days.

Tiny little snow..not the 6+" they said..but they say more tonight and maybe even another storm Tuesday..ahh..winter.

See you later,


  1. Such a pretty picture!

  2. That is from our front door looking into the park we are next to. It is a 627 acre park that was deeded to the county, for equine use. (Of course people hike and run in it too) Ten per cent is for the Boy Scouts (wilderness camping) and 10% for public use (along the side of a lake, and mouth of one of the rivers here, and they rent row boats)and also a small camp ground..
    The rest is all trails and bridle paths. We live on a dead end, and the path outside our door leads right into the park.
    It's very pretty..if we ever move we have to find something at least as good as or better...might be hard to do..