Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well..that's over!

                   This is the way it looked a couple of days ago....

 and this is what it looked like this around 7 AM.

Hey!  What happened to my paths?!!  You can't even see the bottom step...

OHH!  There they are!  Well, one of them anyway!

It took me 45 minutes alone just to dig one path to the fence, so I could trudge through the corral to the stall for breakfast...we still have to get to the chickens, and do the front walk and in front of the mailbox.  One of my son's has the flu, so I am not sure how much digging he can (or should) do, and the other had to work. 
You couldn't even see the water bucket on the fence..the snow was up to the bottom of the bucket, and of course piled on it so high there was only a tiny spot of red showing.  Lass waited patiently by the fence as I dug to her, got tired at one point and started playing in the snow with her nose, and then a good roll..then retreated into the stall to wait..breakfast in bed today!

As of 8AM this morning, it was still snowing lightly and we had almost 16".

Now we do (have 16")  (of course there have been winters where we had more..we all have short memories though!  haha! ) And that is on top of what was there, which is now kind of icy and hard.  Ahh, winter....

See you later, hopefully with more pictures,



  1. WOW! That is alot. We got hit hard this morning but now it seems to be slowing down. All our church activities got canceled for tonight.

  2. Everything was canceled her...but only it is back to business.. This is going to stay around for a while-it's really cold. They are pretty good with the roads here.

  3. That's a lot of snow. Plenty cold and snow here but not that much. I'm so glad to find your blog and will enjoy following!

  4. Hi Pam...nice to meet you.

    I Love your homey blog too...