Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh well. Blame it on me...

Sorry about no pictures of cookies, but that's because I didn't make them!!  (and I spent too much time reading food blogs yesterday morning....naughty naughty me...) And I have been running around trying to get ready for the next snow.

Path ways were just melting, but I was thinking that the corral is now nearly a sheet of ice.  And was thinking that a coating of snow would help our Lass walk easier.  So blame it on me, now because we just happen to be in the "swath" that will come down through Upstate NY and CT, and across the middle of are saying we will get 6 or more inches.

This is what the corral looked like this morning and around dawn.  Lets see how it changes by this weekend.  I am also supposed to get more ultra sound therapy on my back we'll see how that goes!

This is at dawn, and Lass waiting for breakfast.

Below is a couple of hours later..waiting for more water...she probably wants warm water!  If I had a barn with electric and water to it I would fix it so she would always have her warm water in the winter... the plants on the right are the potted plants that I generally keep on the patio.  I potted favorite plants, in the event that we should move, and it is winter time...they would be easier to dig up.  The pots include trees!

I didn't know this about the snow, until last night.  I thought they were saying about an inch or two.  I was wondering why the inside of the grocery store, seemed more crowded then the roads!!  Isle traffic jams, pallets of food all over the place, and stacks so high that people were knocking them down trying to reach things!

I have to brave the traffic and crowds (it is worse, I think, then traveling around the past holidays!) and pick up some kitty litter, and odds and ends (wondering if it is worth it), so once that is done I will finally have time to do the dishes, and make some thing good for us to snack on...I have my eye on a Almond Joy Tart from Baked Explorations..this weeks "assignment"...and Dorie's Midnight Crackles...

So blame it on me!!

See you later,



  1. It's been snowing here all day... just gently but the grass is almost covered over. I love how it looks coming down.

    Your "assignment" sounds like a great thing to link up to Chocolate Fridays {I host that}

  2. It is Baked Sundays, using Baked is not always chocolate...does that count?

    I Love it when it first snows. It is so beautiful and peaceful.

  3. Aw!
    Isn't Lass beautiful!?
    I just love horses. I think they are one of the most majestic and proud animals that God made!
    My sisters-in-law (I have 3) each have horses.
    Between the 3 of them, I think they own about 12.
    My daughters get to ride when we go to Pennsylvania for a visit.
    I cannot ride, I stink at it.
    You commented to me that you are wanting to move to have more land for chickens, maybe sheep?
    My dream is to have chickens, too, a few silkies and Rhode Island Reds :)
    We'll see, I guess!
    Sheep. Aw...
    Yes, PLEASE!
    I pray you have a beautiful day and stay warm.
    Pat Lass for me and tell her I said Hi!
    HUGS from SC (where it DID snow on Christmas Day! It was magical!)

  4. Good luck with your snow - I was also a little taken by surprise when I woke up to several inches of whiteness with more on the way. UGH.

    And good luck with those cookies - whenever they come into fruition!

  5. Leslie,
    Thanks..she looks a lot better when her wooley bear coat sheds out...I can't ride her..she had an injury to her foot (while with a trainer no less)when she was 3, and now that foot is deformed and very clubby looking, and gives her problems. I toy with the idea of getting another I can ride but hay is so expensive where we are that might have to wait if and when we move. I lost a GREAT horse to West Nile..the saddest thing that ever happened to me. (well, no I guess I can't say that but it ranks way up there)
    I will tell her "hello" for you..
    Chickens are very easy, and fun. All you need to do is make some precautions in the beginning for them (with the chicken housing) and after that they are pretty easy..
    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Cher,
    I think Upstate got a lot more then we did...we only got about 2" so it wasn't bad....but it covered all our nice paths we dug from the last storm, and 2" is a lot harder to shovel then 6 or more haha! (at least you can see what you are shoveling) The roads are clear today..they said we might get more tonight, but we'll see..Tuesday they are saying we might more, too.