Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Rose Bowl Parade...

 I have to say this is my most favorite Parade of any season...My grandmother LOVED LOVED this parade because it was all made of the beginning it was all roses (my grandmothers favorite flower), but now it is made of any natural plant...including beans and lentils, and grasses. 

MY favorite part is this parade has the most horses in I am off to continue watching it..
I would add more history, but the links aren't working right now, so maybe later after it is finished...

Tomorrow it is sink or swim for the Giants...Go, Giants!

See you later, have a safe restful day!



  1. I didn't get to see the parade or the game... but we are Buckeye Fans here, so Tuesday is game day for us!

  2. I managed to see parts of the parade...The links for the Parade history were so busy I couldn't get I am too tired!

    My cousin's lived in OH for a long time (Cleveland) one is in CA and one in AZ...

    I am trying to "plan ahead" tonight, so tomorrow I actually do get to see the game!