Friday, January 21, 2011

Ok Then...Where Were We...?

Yesterday (actually Wednesday) I learned I might be having unexpected company on Thursday and so spent most of Wed getting ready... Pre-planning animal foods and things like that..doing some extra chores to make it easier on the boys if I am out at feeding times, etc.

Then Thursday I went out with an old friend...we had fun..just fun...although there isn't much you can really do in this weather..I mean you can visit one of the beaches or parks, but it is more of a "jump out of the car take a quick's all white..and get back in the car"...(that sounds kind of "blah" doesn't it?  The beach is actually pretty interesting in the winter...I think it is just getting tired of snow..and it's only January!  Dern that El Nina!)
But it was more of a "ride to the destination get out, go in, then back in the car, and go home" kind of thing...but it was a much needed day off.  I don't have any pictures because..duh..I didn't bring my camera, but we took a little ride and just had some fun together, talked about the Jets.. (although technically I am a Giants fan..they are still "home team" right?)  Not much to see anyway...dirty snow piles on the side of the road and everything else is just a white blur beyond the side of the road....

So no pictures.

This morning I woke up to a soft layer of snow on all our melted paths...again.  About 6" of the white fluffy stuff.  I didn't shovel anything this am except the deck I step out onto in the morning..I will shovel later..not because it's hard to get through, but because I don't want the foot prints to eventually freeze into a lumpy ice skating rink, which I am sure they will eventually do, if I don't shovel.  Poor Lass has about had it with snow, I think. although she was outside waiting for me this morning for breakfast.  Yesterday was about the first day all week she ventured out on the icy corral for more then a drink of water, and now we start all over again.

See ya later,

I will probably be cooking today so maybe I will get some pictures of whatever it is I make.  I think I am getting "cabin fever"..I am itchy for some projects...I am tired of being "in" except to feed the animals...I might even be looking forward to shoveling the new snow with one of my son's...Oh yeah...Car-less!!  That doesn't help!  My oldest son got his car back on Wednesday.  But MINE is now leaking transmission fluid.  So we traded cars..picked up his and left mine...that doesn't help the "stuck inside" feeling...



  1. I'm getting cabin fever too... but it is too cold to go out! I think I'm going to knit all afternoon now that school is complete!

  2. Yes! We are about to get really cold (for here) is already 21 degrees! And we will miss some snow on Sunday, but get more on Wednesday. And they said it if hits us Wed, it is going to be BIG! I am so tired of shoveling!
    It feels like the winter should be over and it is only 3/4 of January! (and 1/3 of the winter!) El Nina!
    They are comparing the pattern to 1888...did you read The Long Winter (Laura Ingalls) with your kids yet? We did that in '76(??) or 8?). Another year they also compared it to that pattern...
    We read those books over and over for the history..great books...

  3. Janie
    I love your site and glad you found me so I could enjoy you.
    We got lucky today and the sun came out. Sorry you are having to do so much shoveling.
    Thanks for leaving me such a kind comment. I so appreciate you

  4. Janie my feet are still cold from being out shoveling the last snow! I also have cabin fever but I'm reading a good book ("The Help") which helps makes the time pass.

    I loved all the Laura Ingalls books! I remember how they ran out of firewood in a blizzard in The Long Winter book and where burning their chairs to stay warm.

  5. I remember that too! Very cute books...In fact when my husband was getting paid once a month, I used many of their "ways" to make due between paychecks...I started thinking I might have been born in the wrong century! haha!
    We went upstate to Almaonzo's family farm one year on vacation..Now THEY get winter!'s way up by the Canadian border. Wonderful..another good one in the series...Farmer Boy. So much of that book reminded me of things our great grandmother told us about. Her family had a big farm in NYS ..not sure how far up. Her house was in East Elmhurst, (Butler Street off Ditmars BLVD) and I don't know if the house was part of the family farm, or if the farm was were farther up...lots of memories there.