Sunday, January 9, 2011

Go Jets! And Lass...

What a GOOD game last night!  A real nail biter...although I do not think I was rooting for anyone special (because of course, the Jets are home team, but I always liked the Colts and Peyton Manning)

But it was just a really good game of football, and now everyone can see how good Mark Sanchez is (and will be) ...he went toe to toe with

And now for a Lass break..this is Lass eating lunch off the snow...I Love the can put the hay right on it and it stays clean.  She looks like a round bear in her winter coat.  She is a Lippitt Morgan.  The old style Morgan, the one "Justin Morgan Had a Horse" is patterned after...(actually, horses in, or close to her blood lines, were in the movie) I should say her lines are the "original Morgan".

See you later,



  1. She's gorgeous! And yeah, we were pretty bummed, because we're Colts all the way, here. But I'll was a great game!

  2. Oh my boys and I LOVED that book!

    As for the football... we only follow Ohio State so our season is over!

  3. Lass is a beautiful horse! I was so happy the Jets won! I'm really hoping they make it into the Super Bowl as it is always more fun to watch it when a NY team is playing.

    Hope this next snow storm won't be as bad as the last one!

  4. It's funny how if you like sports you get certain favorite teams..of course always root for the home team..but my grandparents came from PA so HAVE to root for the Steelers (when they are playing) (not the Phillies though haha!) One set of cousins comes from the Rochester go Bills (poor guys..not to bad this year) And my other side cousins lived in Cleveland for a LONG long time..soo...(uh oh, now they are in CA and AZ! What to do! I am pretty much east coast...Colts is as far as I go..haha!)
    But I always liked the Colts...and my number one is Giants...but Jets..hey they are a "LI" team right? They have a tough game ahead....

  5. Kristal, did you ever see the movie (It's a Disney movie)
    A couple of different horses were used (as is usually the case) and one or some of them came from her line..they are the "Little horse that does everything.."...they can be gentle as a lamb, and have the spirit of an Arabian...very nice horses.

  6. Pat,
    I hate to say it, but they aren't even guessing at totals this time..( on channel 7 he said something about the shape of this storm and "it doesn't bode well" for us)
    I was going to go food shopping today and my son's car wouldn't he had to take mine...hope it isn't too bad...hope I have a car at least by tomorrow!